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See how much Modelaider® can make you!
  • Minimal Cleanup

  • Easy!

  • No Noisy Trimming

  • Takes Less Time

Introducing Modelaider®

  • An innovative, patented system that aids in pouring up dental impressions.
  • With little to no mess, cleanup, or noisy trimming - the Modelaider® System takes making models to new heights.
  • Works with disposable and reusable single arch, anterior dual arch, and posterior dual arch impressions.
  • Pour up and articulate dual arch models with ONE mix of stone and NO need for a model trimmer. (COMING SOON!)

Suzy LOVES Modelaider®

See what Modelaider can do for you:

  • Create custom bleaching trays in minutes.
  • Make study, orthodontic, and tooth whitening models fast, with NO model trimmer.

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